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Toenail Fungus Patient Testimonials

It seems as though I have toenail fungus. I probably got it by stepping onto a place where someone who has toenail fungus stepped before me like in a public pool or restroom. I never thought about the fact that going without shoes can expose meet toenail fungus.

It seems as though I’m too late in my knowledge because my toenails are infected. I read on the Internet that the fungus probably got under one of my toenails then spreads to the others because inside of your socks is a perfect environment for toenail fungus to grow.

It turns out that the toenail fungus treatments are not very effective and most of them have a rate of effectiveness less than 50%. It turns out that the laser treatment that is available from total foot wellness is about the best that you have. They have a success rate of over 80% and can usually kill fungus in a single sitting.
Mary P., Dublin, Ca
It seems as though about a year ago I got toenail fungus. At first I thought it was nothing but then I realize that might toenail started to turn yellow and crack apart. I probably got it by stepping into place where someone who has toenail fungus has stepped before me. I can realize that this is how you get toenail fungus, and that it lives on surfaces that are warm and wet and can be transmitted very easily. Wearing socks or tight shoes just makes the problem worse because it infects all of your other toes very easily.

It turns out that toenail fungus treatments do not work very well and the only one that is really successful is the laser treatment that is available at total foot wellness. Make your appointment today on the website and you’ll be getting rid of your toenail fungus in as little as a single sitting.
Steven S., San Francisco, Ca
When I first thought about getting the laser treatment to cure my toenail fungus, I was about at the end of my rope after trying everything on the market that could possibly help, from Lamisil to putting Listerine on my nails! Nothing worked, and I was kind of scared of the possible side-effects of taking an internal medicine to get rid of the infection…I had heard these can lead to liver problems.

I heard about Total Foot Wellness from a friend of a friend who had the procedure done and was completely satisfied and delighted with the results, so I contacted Dr. Reyzelman to see if I was a candidate to getting it done. I had the procedure done in the office on Tuesday, and was back at work the next day, there was no recouperation period or down time at all. The laser treatment doesn’t hurt at all, as a matter of fact I never felt a thing. My nails were treated and the fungus that once made my toenails ugly and smelly is now completely gone and I can wear sandals again! Thanks guys for an awesome cure!”
Bill M., San Francisco, Ca
I was embarrased to take my shoes off for a really long time. I didn’t have the beautiful toenails that I had when I was younger, and at first I thought it was just because I was getting older. I kept trying to paint my toenails to cover up how ugly and thick they were, but it didn’t really do any good.

Then I read about Total Foot Wellness and the Pinpointe Laser they use to kill toenail fungus, and I realized that it wasn’t me getting older…I had developed an infection in my toenails! I contacted them right away and get in there to have the procedure. The staff was great and the treatment took no time at all. Within a few weeks I am ready to walk on the beach or go to the pool and show off my new toes!”
Jennifer S., Dublin, Ca
I had struggled with toenail fungus for longer than I care to remember. My toenails were ugly and thick, and they cracked and broke all the time. It was very embarrasing. I had the treatment for toenail fungus done at the San Francisco office, and was completely fungus free in no time. Couldn’t be happier!”
Nancy T., Castro Valley, Ca