It was my good fortune to first connect with Dr. Jacka when he was filling in for the period at the Berkeley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offices in Berkeley – the group that had previously worked on my new hip, and shoulder. At that time, my surgically repaired left foot had become infected and was so painful, I needed crutches to get around. Dr. Jacka immediately ordered tests, and on the same day as reviewing the results – he put me in a wheelchair, and personally pushed me across the street to Alta Bates emergency, and got me into an operating room. In less than 2 hours, he had opened the foot, cleaned out what was a dangerous staph infection, and had me in recovery. After one month of recuperating, I took his confident advice, and allowed him to do important further reconstructive surgery on the foot. I am very pleased with the result. The foot is actually one size longer, and I am able to balance, walk and be much more mobile, all thanks to Dr. Jacka.