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Medical Legal Evaluation CA

Workers’ Compensation

Bay Area Foot Care provides medical legal evaluation. Dr. Reyzelman is a qualified medical evaluator (QME) and an agreed medical evaluator (AME). He has performed hundreds of QME reports. Approximately 50 percent of these reports have been applicant QME and 50 percent have been defense QME reports. Dr. Reyzelman has a thorough understanding of the new SB 899 legislation and its impact on medical-legal reporting. In addition, Dr. Reyzelman is an expert in the use of the AMA Guides 5th Edition for rating permanent disability of the lower extremity.

In addition, Dr. Reyzelman maintains an active workers’ compensation practice as a treating and the consulting physician and welcomes new patients with industrial injuries.

Personal Injury

Dr. Reyzelman performs second opinion consultations in personal injury cases and is available as an expert witness for cases in his area of expertise. In certain situations our office will treat patients on a lien basis.