Custom Orthotics and Foot Braces San Francisco

Custom foot orthotics are the most scientifically advanced method for correctional control of the feet, combining the latest research advances with the most accurate and reliable method for designing and manufacturing orthotics. At Bay Area Foot Care, our 3D scanning technology, together with your custom orthotic prescription, allows us to ensure your orthotics are tailored specifically to suit your feet and symptoms.

How are custom orthotics made?

Bay Area Foot Care uses the latest digital scanning technology to capture a 3D laser image of your feet. The scanning process is quick, clean, accurate and effective.

In the clinic, your podiatrist will orient the scanner to capture your bare feet in the required position. The foot scanner then captures a digital 3D image by creating a grid of closely spaced points in space that represent the surface of the foot, its contours, and dimensions.

What are the benefits of foot scanning technology?

Our digital foot scanning system enables us to take scans directly from your bare feet in seconds. The benefits over plaster casting include less mess and a faster turnaround time for your orthotics.

How long will it take to get my orthotics?

At Bay Area Foot Care, the turn-around time for manufacture of custom orthotics is 5-7 working days. If required, we can request a rapid return so that your custom orthotics will be ready for collection within 3 days, however, this does involve an additional fee.

How long will my orthotics last?

The lifespan of your orthotics will depend on the type of orthotic and your activities. However, in general, the shell of a custom orthotic will usually last between two and four years.

The top part of the orthotics (the covers) are subject to the most wear from pressure and perspiration and may need to be replaced sooner (every 6 to 18 months), depending on use. If the shell of an orthotic is in good condition, it is possible to have them recovered so you can continue to wear your orthotics for longer.

Once you have orthotics, annual check-ups with your podiatrist are recommended to ensure your orthotics are continuing to function well.

Can I get orthotics to suit more than one pair of shoes?

No problem! From the one digital foot scan, we can make more than one pair of orthotics to suit your feet. In fact, many people find that it works well to have two pairs of orthotics: one pair to fit into a sports shoe, and a 2nd pair to fit into sandals or dress shoes.

Do I need custom orthotics?

In our clinical experience, custom orthotics provide the most effective solution for correction of faulty foot biomechanics.

Talk with your podiatrist for more information about the various types of orthotics available and what is recommended to suit your individual needs.