Ankle Fractures San Francisco

When people injure their ankles, they often assume it is a simple sprain and fail to seek treatment. But the twisting injuries to the foot and ankle that can cause ankle sprain can also fracture bones in the ankle joint. It’s important to have any injury looked at by a doctor as soon as possible to determine how severe the injury is and to prevent it from getting worse. Don’t try to guess how injured you are—get some help from our experts at Bay Area Foot Care.

ankle fracture treatment san franciscoDepending on how severe the injury is, we might recommend different treatments. Less severe fracture can usually be treated with a cast or some other form of immobilization, often for about 6 to 8 weeks. After the immobilization treatment is complete, physical therapy is often recommended to regain the motion in the ankle joint and to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the ankle.

More severe or unstable fractures would require surgical fixation in order to ensure that the foot will function properly and to reduce potential problems in the future. This sort of surgery typically involves the placement of plates and screws to line up the bones and stabilize the ankle joint, followed by immobilization in a cast. As with other fractures, once the bone has healed physical therapy will be needed to regain full function in the ankle.

If you’ve injured your ankle, set up an appointment here at Bay Area Foot Care right away. We’ll examine the injury, take some x-rays and a CT scan or MRI if required, and determine the stability of the fracture to treat it as needed.