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Custom orthotics have long been a preferred treatment method for many conditions that result in faulty foot biomechanics. The foot is often referred to as “the ‘root’ between the body and the earth.” As a person walks, runs, or anything in between, the movement of the foot affects the movement of every bone in the lower body, providing cushioning for the body and adapting to surface conditions to allow for balanced movement.

This complex series of events which allows for ambulation is known as one’s “gait,” or the manner in which a person walks. Faulty foot biomechanics create abnormalities in a person’s gait, which may result in complications like:

  • Potential delay to wound healing
  • Ulcers due to increased plantar pressure
  • Increased risk of injury due to changes in balance
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Bunions and hammer toes
  • Arch and heel pain
  • Leg/knee pain
  • Hip, back, or even neck pain

These symptoms can all be corrected through various forms of treatment, including the use of custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are inserts worn in place of a shoe’s natural insole. Custom orthotics, as implied by the name, are custom made for each patient in order to correct any gait abnormalities specific to the individual.

At Bay Area Foot Care in Walnut Creek, we have moved beyond the archaic use of plaster moldings to create custom orthotics. We have embraced innovative and effective digital imaging technology in the creation of custom orthotics for our patients.

The use of digital scanning technology allows our clinicians to create an accurate 3D image of a patient’s foot in only seconds. This allows us to dramatically decrease turnaround time and manufacture the custom orthotic in 5 to 7 business days. If needed, the process can be expedited to 3 days for a fee.

Custom orthotics are meant to realign the structure of the foot. Therefore, initially, a patient my feel discomfort as the orthotic does its job. This is to be expected. It is for this reason that we recommend that orthotics should initially be worn in two-hour intervals. Over two weeks, a patient should gradually increase these intervals until they are always used.

For this very reason, custom orthotics are meant to last, though the lifespan may vary depending on the type of orthotic and the types of activity an individual engages in. In general, one can expect the shell of the orthotic to last somewhere between two and four years.

The top (or cover) of the orthotic, however, is different, because it is subject the most wear and tear from perspiration and pressure. It should be changed every six to eighteen months.

Once a patient has orthotics, an annual checkup with your podiatrist is recommended. During these checkups, the podiatrist will check on the patient’s progress, as well as the health of the orthotic to ensure maximum functionality.

Do I Need Custom Orthotics?

In our clinical experience, custom orthotics are the most effective treatment for correcting faulty foot biomechanics. In any case, if you believe custom orthotics may be a solution for you, make an appointment in our Bay Area Foot Care Walnut Creek clinic and our clinicians will help you decide if this solution will be right for you.

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