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Invasive procedures like foot surgery are never taken lightly by our clinicians at Bay Area Foot Care in Sacramento. Many conditions can be treated more conservatively in their early stages, but at more advanced stages, these conditions are best resolved through surgical intervention.

There are many conditions that may be resolved through surgical interventions. The decision to pursue a surgical solution will always be left to the patient after an informative consultation with a specialist in our office.

Arthritic Conditions

Fusion is a surgical technique that is most commonly recommended to treat arthritic conditions. It involves first removing the cartilage from a joint and then joining bones together with a combination of screws, plates, or pins.

Hammer Toe

Hammer toe can advance to extreme discomfort and become severely limiting to an individual’s lifestyle. When these cases occur, surgery can be utilized to remove a portion of one of the bones in the toe in order to realign the toe.

The procedure may also involve placing a wire to temporarily hold the toes straight, or permanent implants may be used in the toe to maintain the corrections for the long term.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are known to cause high levels of pain and in some cases severely restrict mobility. Depending on the nature of the condition, surgery is a viable option to relieve pain and restore mobility.

There are various forms of heel spur surgery that may or may not remove the spur to treat the condition. The option that is best for you should be decided by you and your specialist.


Bunions come in several varieties, shapes, sizes, and severities. Because of this, there are many ways in which surgical intervention can be employed. A consultation with your podiatrist at Bay Area Foot Care will determine which option should be employed. You will also learn about the recovery process for each.

Toenail Conditions

Damaged, deformed, or infected toenails may be effectively treated through surgical means. These procedures are commonly performed in the clinic and employ a local anesthetic. In most cases, the patient can walk out of the clinic post-procedure and return to normal activity quickly.

  • Generally, a toenail operation comes in two varieties:
  • Avulsion – Removal of the nail to provide relief. The nail will grow back.
  • Matrixectomy – Permanent destruction/removal of the nail root. The nail will not grow back.

The procedure that is best for you should be discussed with a clinician.

Metatarsal Corrections

For some individuals, surgery is necessary to redistribute the weight on the ball of the foot. The procedure is performed on the bones of the feet behind the second, third, fourth, and fifth toes. In severe cases, the procedure may require the removal of portions of the bones.


Neuroma procedures involve the removal of portions of a nerve that is causing burning, numbness, or tingling in the toes. Unlike other interventions, this type of procedure tends to have shorter recovery times but leaves residual numbness.

Skin Conditions

It is not uncommon for a clinician to recommend surgical solutions to remove lipomas, warts, moles, rashes, and fibromas. As with any intervention, a consultation with a clinician is recommended.

Tendon Conditions

Acute tendon injuries often require surgical intervention in order to restore mobility. Surgical intervention may also be recommended to treat chronic conditions. Depending on the condition, tendons may be lengthened, shortened, and in some cases rerouted.

No matter the condition, clinicians at Bay Area Foot Care in Sacramento can provide informed solutions, including those that may involve surgical intervention.

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