Midfoot Pain



The midfoot is the highest point in the arch, and midfoot pain is a fairly common problem. It can occur due to multiple issues. The most common causes of midfoot problems stem from overuse (leading to joint pain, tendinitis, or stress fractures), injuries (sprains, ligament tears, or fractures and dislocations), arthritis (which may manifest as bony prominences or swelling and pain), tight calf muscles (causing increased pressure in the joints), and being overweight (leading to increased stress on the joints).

Midfoot pain is typically described as achy or sharp, sometimes causing a shooting pain to the toes. Walking or activity usually causes or increases the pain. It typically gets worse throughout the day. Swelling is occasionally seen in the area of the pain.

Treatment depends on the cause of the pain. If the pain is due to overuse or increased stresses in the joints, treatment is aimed at reducing the stresses. This may include stretching exercises, arch supports, weight loss, or anti-inflammatory measures. If the pain is due to arthritis, treatment may include shoe gear modifications, arch supports, injections, and anti-inflammatory measures.

If conservative measures fail to improve or resolve the pain, surgery may be recommended. There are many different procedures, depending on the cause of the pain. The goal is to relieve pain and improve the function of the foot.

If you’re dealing with midfoot pain, we at Bay Area Foot Care can help. We’ll determine the cause and the diagnosis utilizing a variety of diagnostic measures, including x-rays, evaluate the extent of the problem, and treat accordingly.

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