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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine as defined by the NIH ( National Institutes of Health ): Regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects. This field holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by stimulating […]

Festival Feet

It’s festival season, what does that mean exactly. Warmer weather means, lots of multi-day long outdoor music and art events across the country and around the world. Festivals especially Coachella and other large venues can be a pretty physical experience. They include lots of walking to see art and taste foods, long lines, hours of dancing, […]

What a pain in the …..

Pain. A truly evil four letter word. It ruins your day, prevents you from doing things, makes you not feel like yourself.  Treating our patient’s pain is always the first priority. Finding innovative safe and effective ways to treat foot pain is that doctors at Bay Area Foot Care’s mission. In the past few months […]

Sock it to me!

I used to have a couple of sock jokes, but I lost one.  Awww Socks ! After researching for this article I’m eager to nerd out on the subject. Years of podiatry education and training had barely educated me on all that there is to know about these little wonders. We all know that they […]