Putting Your Best Foot Forward !

In this entry, the goal is to discuss some common recommendations Podiatrist give to their patients to help promote healthy feet.

First and foremost, don’t be scared of a visit to the podiatrist! Often times your pain or problem is easily treated in the office. Something that has been nagging you for months may be a common and easily cured ailment. For those more complicated problems, why put off your relief any longer? Start your road to success now; the sooner you start, the faster you will feel better.

Something that sounds simple but is often not done….Inspect your feet! Yup, take a good look at those feet of yours. A lot of the time it is actually quite hard to see your own feet, especially the bottom. Using a magnifying hand mirror is a good trick to get a better look. Place the mirror on the ground in a well-lit space and inspect your feet while seated. Check for any cuts, blisters, redness, rashes or discoloration. Call your doctor if you notice anything unusual or of concern.

Wash your feet daily. Keep your feet clean by using soap and lukewarm water, use a soft wash cloth or sponge. When drying your feet, take extra care between your toes. You can even use a blow dryer on low heat. Use moisturizer daily, but NOT between your toes. Keeping feet clean and dry yet moisturized before donning socks and shoes will promote healthy skin and help prevent foot fungus and malodor.

Cut your toenails carefully. If you have a history of diabetes, poor circulation, decreased sensation or other illnesses making self nail care dangerous, contact us and schedule an appointment for nail care. If it is safe, cut nails straight across and file sharp edges. Do not cut nails too short this may encourage ingrown toenails.

Check your shoes before wearing. Make sure there isn’t any debris inside or a tack poking through! Also check for holes, loose heels, uneven wear or damage.

Never walk barefoot, even at home, there are risks! Stubbing a toe on furniture, or dropping something on your foot both may lead to a fracture. Stepping on something can potentially cause serious injury. Wearing a house slipper at home can help avoid or lessen potential injuries.

Wear clean socks and change them daily. Not all socks are created equal, there are tons of different materials, lengths, and specialty socks. But a good general rule is to wear a fresh clean pair each day, make sure they fit properly. In future posts, we will talk about the many types and variations of socks and which could be right for you.

These are general recommendations, these tips may not benefit everyone. If ever you are unsure, just call us at Bay Area Foot Care we are happy to help!

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