Dr. Reyzelman on The Health Beat

Dr. Alex Reyzelman was a guest on The Health Beat a program on Kofy TV channel 20 & 13, Our TV channel 78, and WatsonWellnessTV YouTube channel. He spoke with Dr. Watson a primary care physician about his efforts as a Podiatric surgeon dedicated to limb salvage in high risk patients. There are approximately 29 million people living in the United States with Diabetes. One out of four Diabetic patients will go on to develop a foot ulcer with 25% of this patient then requiring amputation.

Drs. Reyzelman and Watson highlight the importance of podiatric medicine and the dramatic increase in amputation if these services are not available to patients. Dr. Reyzelman wants you to know that UCSF Center for Limb Preservation accepts all patients regardless of insurance coverage. He stresses that the sooner Diabetic patients are seen by one of our limb salvage specialists the greater the chance of avoiding amputation. Tune in to see how Dr. Reyzelman and Bay Area Foot Care use clinical research at the Center for Clinical Research to bring forth new innovative approaches to treatment.

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