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Podiatry Research Center

Led by Dr. Reyzelman, Bay Area Foot Care’s podiatry research center is at the forefront of groundbreaking studies in the field of foot and ankle care. Dr. Reyzelman has been a primary investigator in multiple multi-center diabetic wound care trials.

podiatry research studies california

These trials typically involve investigating new state of the art wound care products, and devices.

Dr. Reyzelman has multiple scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals on various podiatric diseases. He continues to be actively involved in the cutting edge wound care research through the Podiatry Research Center.

Patients come to the Podiatry Research Center from all over Northern California to participate in the clinical trials. Patient participation in the research trials is completely voluntary and cost free. All of the supplies and travel expenses are provided at no charge to the patients who participate in the study. To learn more, please visit The Center for Clinical Research or call 1-800-363-1069.

Current Research Studies

Study #1
Evaluating a new treatment for leg ulcers. currently enrolling interested patients with a leg ulcer.

Study #2
Evaluating a new treatment for diabetic foot ulcerations. Currently enrolling patients with a diabetic foot ulceration.

Study #3
Evaluating the efficacy of a custom diabetic foot orthotic. seeking patients who have a healed diabetic ulceration on the bottom of the foot.

Other Studies

  • Non-healing diabetic foot ulcers
  • Non-healing venous leg ulcers
  • Painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy

If you’re interested in inquiring about participation in any of these studies please contact Gayana Sarkisova, clinical research administrator.