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Foot Trauma

Foot trauma and ankle injuries are very common. There are 28 bones, several tendons, and multiple ligaments in the foot and ankle, most of which can result in fractures, dislocations, ruptures, and sprains. Early diagnosis and therapy is vital to the recovery after an injury.

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Your local podiatrist will be able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the condition. There are several injuries that require prompt treatment. Many injuries may be treated with conservativetherapy such as casting, taping, closed reduction (resetting the bones or joints). Some injuries require surgical intervention in order to optimize healing and future function.

Fractures that are left untreated may heal slowly (delayed union), not heal at all (non-union), or may heal in a malaligned position (malunion). These will cause pain and deformity. Untreated fractures may also develop arthritis (post-traumatic arthritis), which can result in a “bigger” surgery. Ruptured tendons left untreated may cause weakness or loss of function, as well as tendon imbalance, which may lead to deformities in the foot and ankle. Sprained ligaments that are left untreated may lead to chronic instability and arthritis.