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Foot Reconstruction Surgery

Foot reconstruction surgery is often a last resort when conservative treatment is ineffective. There are many structural conditions of the foot and ankle that causes complex deformities. These deformities cause pain and difficulty walking. They may also cause calluses and wounds or ulcerations. Deformities may be due to flatfeet, high arch feet, Charcot deformity (collapse of joints of the foot), rheumatoid arthritis deformities, and post-traumatic deformities.

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They may cause significant disability and change in lifestyle. Conservative treatment is typically attempted using orthotics, shoegear modifications, braces, and other modalities. Surgical intervention is commonly utilized if the conservative measures fail. Reconstructive surgery may include shifting of bones, tendon lengthening or transfers, fusions, and external fixation.

Your local podiatrist will be able to evaluate the deformity and utilize x-rays and other methods to help direct treatment options.