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Dr. Reyzelman Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Reyzelman my foot is fine. After recovering from the surgery that you performed for my arthritic great toe joint, I found that the quality of my life had changed and I haven’t felt this good since I was forty.

I could once again function as a walking human being. My whole body has changed. My back, hips and neck no longer hurt. I am riding my bike eight miles a day. I am grateful to have found such a good doctor who practices both the art and science of medicine.”

Most Sincerely,

Mary McCurin

“We are pleased to offer our words of appreciation and praise for Dr. Reyzelman. In April 2002 Dr. Reyzelman saved Lloyd’s leg from an above the knee amputation from osteomyelitis (bone infection, much like that caused by diabetes although this was due to an industrial accident). Lloyd has been infection free since the surgery and we now have hope that he will not have to have any further amputations to keep the infection at bay.

“Dr. Reyzelman is a physician who is willing to listen to his patients and encourages them to be involved with their treatment and the ultimate goal of being healthy (or… regaining their health). He is kind and gentle, which reflects in his wonderful bedside manner. He researches new treatments and methods to save his patients pain and to provide the best treatment available.

“His patients come before his ego, he is a true healer.”

Lloyd and Judith Doyle

“On the 4th of May 2004 I was treated at the local medical center in San Francisco for an open foot ulcer. A graft was applied to my foot and a cast made. When the cast was removed on May 18th, my foot was very badly infected, with obvious swelling of the third toe. The podiatrist at the medical center told me that I need an amputation of half of my foot. I decided they would not be permitted to treat me again.

“I talked with several doctors I had been seeing for various illnesses and, a Nephrologist at UCSF recommended I talk with Dr. Alexander Reyzelman. At the same time, another podiatrist I had been seeing advised me to see another well known podiatrist at Ralph Davies Medical Center. When I did see the second podiatrist, me diagnosed the infection and gave me little hope of saving my foot. However he recommended I talk with Dr. Reyzelman.

“Dr. Reyzelman arranged for me to be admitted to Davies Medical Center and met me there that evening. He had the center start IV antibiotic treatments and scheduled me for surgery a few days later on Friday. Dr. Reyzelman was able to remove the badly infected third toe, some bones on either side of it and save my foot. Recovery was fairly fast and the foot completely healed within a month.

“Dr. Reyzelman’s expertise, his vast experience and knowledge and his skill saved my foot. I began seeing Dr. Reyzelman on a recurring basis and have had nothing but excellent care. I would recommend Dr. Reyzelman to anyone needing podiatry medicine.”

Robert J. Woods

“To Dr. Reyzelman, who I owe a lot to. You took care of my legs. Now I have a better chance on having a pain free life. Thank you for letting my nerves breathe again.

“I want you to know I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me.”


Shannon Alford

“Dear Dr. Reyzelman,

“Thank you very much for the excellent care you rendered to me. There is no doubt that you saved my foot from an amputation. Your post surgery care has been efficient and even being an 87-year-old diabetic the healing has been unbelievable. There have been no complications thanks to your superior talents.

“You are an exceptional podiatric surgeon.”


Nathan Cohn

“Dear Dr. Reyzelman,

“Thank you for helping me save my leg from an amputation.

“I’m fortunate that I was introduced to you by your student at the VA. This allowed me the opportunity to participate in the diabetic wound care trial. I’m convinced that if you weren’t so confident in telling me that my leg didn’t have to come off, I would have succumbed to the amputation that was recommended by multiple other surgeons.

“I’ve now resumed my normal life and activities.

“Thank you.”

Ewen McKechnie