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Dr. Naleen Prasad Testimonials

“I am sending this letter to thank Dr. Prasad, of Bay Valley Foot Care, for treatment that exceeded my expectations!

“As a result of foot ulcers, skin grafts were performed on my foot three years ago. These grafts never completely healed and, often, the extent to which they re opened and the resulting pain became debilitating. Treatments during this time would provide temporary relief, but my foot never fully healed.

“After the latest flare up I was referred to Bay Valley Foot Care, where I started treatment with Dr. Prasad. At first meeting I was pleased to find that her plan for treatment was thorough. Dr. Prasad’s regimen of foot wraps, along with treatments have made me feel the best that I have in the past five years.

“I am extremely grateful to Dr. Prasad for her efforts. Her knowledge, and thoroughness, makes me recommend Dr. Prasad to anyone in need of quality care!”

Thank you,
Ed Colwell