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Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures may occur due to twisting injuries to the foot and ankle. This occurs when at least one of the bones in the ankle joint is broken. Prompt attention is necessary to optimize the outcome. Early diagnosis is crucial to determine the stability of the fracture.

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Less severe fractures can usually treated with casting or immobilization. This may be for 6-8 weeks. After immobilzation, physical therapy is often needed in order to regain the motion in the ankle joint and strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the ankle.

Unstable fractures require surgical fixation in order to reduce potential problems in the future and to have a functional foot. This typically involves the placement of plates and screws to line up the bones and stabilize the ankle joint. It will also involve immobilization in a cast. After bone healing, physical therapy is usually recommended to regain the functional ability.

Your local podiatrist will be able to diagnose an ankle fracture through the exam and x-rays. They will be able to order CT scan or MRI if indicated. They will also be able to determine the stability of the fracture and treat it as indicated.