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No other private practice podiatrist in the San Francisco area can match Bay Area Foot Care’s full line of comprehensive services and our compassionate, expert podiatrists.

We are committed to providing you with the most advanced podiatry treatment available in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere designed to make you feel at ease.

The board-certified podiatrists at Bay Area Foot Care are experts in foot and ankle surgery and highly experienced in complex foot disorders suffered by diabetic patients as well as common foot problems.

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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Reyzelman’s expertise, his vast experience and knowledge and his skill saved my foot. I began seeing Dr. Reyzelman on a recurring basis and have had nothing but excellent care. I would recommend Dr. Reyzelman to anyone needing podiatry medicine.

Robert J. Woods

I had almost lost hope after having seen various podiatrists throughout the Bay Area. Dr. McAloon immediately enveloped me with care and concern. It is not often you can go to a doctor and feel that they have really listened and understand. I always feel that she has my best interests at heart.
Denise Bailey

Dr. McAloon has been my podiatrist for years. As an avid walker, I have encountered several different problems that Dr. McAloon successfully treated. More recently, I made a complete recovery from surgery to remove a tumor on the bottom of my foot. She is very thorough and will go the extra mile to find a solution for treatment. Her staff is friendly and helpful.
Veronica (Roni) Jennings

My whole body has changed. My back, hips and neck no longer hurt. I am riding my bike eight miles a day. I am grateful to have found such a good doctor who practices both the art and science of medicine.

Mary McCurin

I am very happy to have an excellent foot doctor. They are taking good care of their patients. After a long while looking for and trying different doctors, I finally found a good one! I’m receiving good treatment and good therapy, and I’m getting better every day. I recommend Dr. V. Thanks!

“It was my good fortune to first connect with Dr. Jacka when he was filling in for the period at the Berkeley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offices in Berkeley – the group that had previously worked on my new hip, and shoulder. At that time, my surgically repaired left foot had become infected and was so painful, I needed crutches to get around. Dr. Jacka immediately ordered tests, and on the same day as reviewing the results – he put me in a wheelchair, and personally pushed me across the street to Alta Bates emergency, and got me into an operating room. In less than 2 hours, he had opened the foot, cleaned out what was a dangerous staph infection, and had me in recovery. After one month of recuperating, I took his confident advice, and allowed him to do important further reconstructive surgery on the foot. I am very pleased with the result. The foot is actually one size longer, and I am able to balance, walk and be much more mobile, all thanks to Dr. Jacka.”
Thomas Morris

For the past 2.5 years, I’ve seen two different podiatrists plus a wound care specialist to treat my diabetic foot ulcer. In that period, I’ve had two surgeries and countless procedures (including hyperbaric chamber) with little if any effect. My life was on hold whole being out on disability. Then I met Dr. Reyzelman. Upon our first meeting, he told me he could cure me and have me walking in six to eight weeks. I was very cynical at first but really had no option so I moved forward. Five weeks after his surgery, I was walking! What he did for me was nothing short of a miracle. I would highly recommend him to anyone. My only regret is that I didn’t see him first!
David P.

Dr. Reyzelman is a physician who is willing to listen to his patients and encourages them to be involved with their treatment and the ultimate goal of being healthy. He is kind and gentle, which reflects in his wonderful bedside manner.

Lloyd and Judith Doyle

I highly recommend Dr. McAloon for several reasons: she clearly explained the procedure, did an outstanding job of setting my expectations about the stages of recovery, and did a beautiful job on the surgery itself. And, her office staff are professional and caring. If I had more than two feet, I’d have Dr. McAloon work on them all.
Sharon Grimshaw

Dr. Vartivarian is excellent. He was able to diagnose my ailment that three previous doctors could not and cure my dermatitis. I’m very appreciative of his knowledge and expertise and professional manner. I was suffering for three months and hospitalized twice. After treatment for Dr. Vartivarian I got better within a week. He is a credit to his profession. I’m very grateful.
Mark Bass

When a stubborn blister on the big toe of my right foot persisted for weeks and weeks I finally decided it was time to see a podiatrist. I chose to go with Bay Area Foot Care in Castro Valley, and as fate would have it, Dr. Naleen Prasad was the attending podiatrist that day. I had always been very fearful of going to a foot doctor, but under the care of Dr. Prasad I became a changed woman. Not only did she pay close attention to all of my concerns about the treatment plan, but she answered all of my questions in a very clear and precise manner. She went through my treatment plan in detail and explained all of the risks associated with my anticipated surgical procedure as well as what I could expect post-operatively. I was truly impressed and mesmerized by her spirited optimism. Suddenly transformed, I was no longer afraid of the idea of possibly losing my right toe, yet I was still hopeful and confident that I would be cured. As expected, everything from surgery to my rehabilitation went extraordinarily well. I am truly grateful that Dr. Prasad was there the day I decided to do something about my condition. Through it all, she has proven to be one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever known and I am so thankful for her and Bay Area Foot Care as they provided such an uplifting experience for me!
Marita Shirani

My husband has had a foot ulcer for one year. We went through more than a year of treatment with no improvement and the doctor we were seeing recommended a partial foot amputation. We then heard about the medical research and the new product that you and your staff were using for diabetic foot ulcers. When we called your clinic, we spoke to your talented, skilled and caring staff who immediately got us an appointment to see you. We’re thankful to you and your staff for taking care of my husband’s ulcer and getting it to heal. If it wasn’t for your and this medical research, my husband would have lost his foot.
Jan and Duane M.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Prasad for her efforts. Her knowledge, and thoroughness, makes me recommend Dr. Prasad to anyone in need of quality care!
Ed Colwell